This New Computer Technology Will Show You The Many Sides Of “You”.

One of the most important discoveries we can make about ourselves is that we are fundamentally, our awareness. We are born with our awareness turned on. Awareness is ever present and prevails above your consciousness and subconscious. On the surface this sounds a bit absurd, however although we are caged in by limitations of terms, awareness is the superposition that by it’s nature serves executive function above what is casually called consciousness. We know this because we can become an observer of our conscious life as we can become an observer of the things that were done by the subconsciousness. Add this to the autonomic body regulation functions like breathing, beating your heart, digesting your food, the scope of what your brain is doing at any moment is not so much like one single supercomputer but at least four supercomputers (in reality I have detected more). Adding to the complexity is there are parts of each supercomputer that operate more or less independently and some are best described as a Ghost in Our Machine.

So what are we to make of this? I could go in many directions but I will tend to a direction that usually leans to new technologies that will fundamentally change what we view as a computer. As most academics and technologists look at people as a human interface challenge, they fail to even begain to understand the human.

In prior Read Multiplex articles we explored a few aspects of the human brain that no one in technology seems to fully discovered or understood:

My research and discoveries are centered around what I call The Last Interface. There are many elements to this future and one aspect is The Intelligence Amplifier. My premise is stated simple while many of the folks in the “singularity” camp believe we will have to become more like a machine, I submit and assert the true path is the machine will more adapt to us. This is not a innocent belief, but an observation of human history firmly planted in reality.

In the articles I mentioned above I present the case of the limits to consciousness and perhaps awareness, although I tend not to use the latter term as it can become confusing. These limits are complex and they clearly go down a path that few in technology tend to want to explore: psychology and philosophy. And this is precisely why these explorations are of great value because to understand the human you must understand psychology and philosophy.

The Undiscovered Continent

Psychology and philosophy is the undiscovered continents of the future of what we think is a computer. In this article and many, many more I will cast a light in the dark places of our brain. And the best place to start is in the dark shadows.

“Psychology and philosophy form the undiscovered continents in computing technology for the next 100 years. This last frontier will produce new Apple-sized companies and technologies that Science Fiction writers have not fully dreamed of”—@BrianRoemmele, @ReadMultiplex

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Consider the possibility of a future where a HyperPrivate and HyperSecure Never-On-A-Cloud Intelligence Amplifier understanding you based on the HumanOS and your personal Paradigms (programming). When this is achieved you will know the “you(s)” far more then anyone could imagine.

Look around you today in the first days of 2021, has the ocean of data on the Internet made us more sane? Has it made us really appreciate every person on this planet and their views? Or have we in some ways declined? Have we de-evolved? You know the answer. So piping more data in will not slove anything, it will continue to create information overload and everyone will ultimately read for a pattern matching label to even people they love.

There are many reasons for this but we can boldly explore what causes it and how technology can be made to help us.

The first place to start for a major change is something still very misunderstood about how you act and react and is a larger part of the “input” of your subconscious and conscious mind.

It is no so much a place in your brain but a part of the undigested parts of your life stream that in a majority of folks exists for thier entire life, ignored or hidden. It is loud for just about all of us but we create a complicated dance to avoid the undigested parts.

“Ignore Your Shadow At Your Own Peril—Carl Jung

Carl Jung called it The Shadow and this is not “your dark side” it is something else entirely. We will explore this in the context of how technologies can help us understand this new frontier with an actionable insights for members. If you are a member, thank you. To become a member, please click on the link below and join us.


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5 thoughts on “This New Computer Technology Will Show You The Many Sides Of “You”.

    1. Thanks Brian. Currently working on my own ‘cloud’ for storage using raspberry PI and very interested in incorporating some sort of AI or intelligence Amplifyer with this.

  1. Super stuff! I’ve long sensed the shadow lurking, but the fiend stays hidden. Any tools or motivation you can provide would be more than helpful. Our handful of senses and puny brain waves don’t seem up to the job of shadow dissection.

  2. Sure hope BCI will give suppressed parts means to express themselves with language. Even just single words. Speed might give them the edge.