There Is A Maximum Human Bandwidth And We Have Reached It. Every Computer Technology Moving Forward Is Impacted.

Your consciousness, the live perception of reality has a limit of how much data and information can be processed into your perception. I call this the Human Shannon Limit Bandwidth Of Consciousness. This limit has been studied for over 150 years across 100s of studies.

This human bandwidth limit was not an issue for 99.999% of human existence. It started to become an issue on June 29, 2007. This was the day a functional pocket computer was announced, it was called the Apple iPhone. The technology itself was not the issue, it was the pipeline of competing data and information that it transmitted to you. This pipeline of data and information alone will overwhelm human consciousness. However there is also a ratio of signal (data and information of value) and noise (data and information of low value).

What is the bandwidth limit? It is scientifically calculated to be about 41 bits per second [1]. Out of all the millions of bits that enter all of our sense organs from our eyes to our sense of smell only a very tiny fraction is made available to your consciousness. Most of the data and information is lost to your conscious mind. To put it simply only about one millionth of all the data and information from your senses make it into your consciousness.

Human consciousness is not really about data and information, it is the opposite, it is about order out of chaos. Consciousness consumes data and information and discards what is not useful as exformation. Although today we think of data and information as ordered, in a primary sense it is not. It is disordered atoms to your conscious mind.

In future articles I will explore the unconscious mind but the idea that somehow this expands the limits of human consciousness bandwidth has no basis in research. We are and will likely forever be for better or worse constrained by our human bandwidth limits.

I already hear you: “What about the singularity and a direct brain interface?”. I understand. Here is the reality. There are structural reasons and logical reasons why consciousness has a limit in humans. A direct brain interface that fills the human bandwidth channel is maximized to 41 bits per second will be all that any of will take and at that point nothing else will be conscious to us.

“Oh but we will pipe all this into the unconscious?” not if you want to stay sane. Sanity requires assimilation of data and information. This digestion is how our neurons and neuropeptides encode the data and information into human knowledge. And the steps to distill the information for the exformation is as important as the data and information itself. Thus to try to inject this into the subconscious without holographically also creating all the antecedent steps to build that memory, we will create artificially induced mental illness. We will have disconnected ideas, images, sound, video and voices that have no anchor to our consciousness we would become the definition of what it is like to be insane.

Yes I know this makes me a heretic, a lunatic, a fraud and of course a charlatan because I am calling the emperor of the human/computer marriage naked. But I have no choice but to be honest, the emperor is naked.

This is not sad news it is actually the best news we can have. We are now liberated to get about the business of how humans will continue to not just survive but to thrive. We do this like we always have. We will do this through innovation and technology. No, this technology we build will not surpass us any more then the invention of a automobile, airplane or radio surpasses us.

The next computer age will not be humans becoming more like the computer, but the computer working to amplify human intelligence and work within the Shannon Limit of human bandwidth.

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2 thoughts on “There Is A Maximum Human Bandwidth And We Have Reached It. Every Computer Technology Moving Forward Is Impacted.

  1. Hi Brian. Given sufficient resolution can we direct machines and communicate with each other from the pre-motor cortex (and Broca’s area) without needing complete the action? Both telepathy and telekinesis through tech.