What Is The Intelligence Amplifier and Your Wisdom Keeper?

I write often about The Intelligence Amplifier and Your Wisdom Keeper. I also present some specimen videos on how they work. The concepts are quite simple. The only intelligence humans currently understand, even if it is fleeting and partial—is human intelligence. We get excited over the speed of computers, but in no way is just speed any form of intelligence. Many very well educated folks have stated emphatically that Artificial Intelligence will bypass human intelligence “very soon”. This is like saying an automobile will go faster then a running human. Speed is not intelligence—ever.

So what is The Intelligence Amplifier? Simply put the primary path of the entire computer industry. Amplifying human intelligence.

I have been building these systems in my Garage Lab with the help of 1000s of folks that have created bits of software and hardware I use collected over decades. Although I have been on this solo adventure they have unknown to themselves helped me build this. I stand on some of the strongest shoulders that have afforded me a spectacular view of what is ahead.

I firmly believe in human Intelligence Amplification, and—I firmly believe everyone has Wisdom to be placed in a Wisdom Keeper. We are currently beguiled by “Artificial Intelligence” and many have discounted the sum total of human wisdom. Since the 1970s I saw this a feeble misunderstanding of the future.

We are drowning in data and information but we are starving for wisdom. I found a way to solve this.

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One thought on “What Is The Intelligence Amplifier and Your Wisdom Keeper?

  1. Love your content Brian. We struggle to understand ourselves and perhaps aiding this understanding will be the greatest benefit of the Intelligence Amplifyer. 🙏