The Muse Clio On Anacyclosis.

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Clio the Proclaimer is the Muse celebrator of history, great deeds and accomplishments and is often represented with an open parchment scroll, a book, or a set of tablets. The name is etymologically derived from the Greek “to recount”.

The science of history is presented in empirically observable cycles. Science in essence is observation and foaming a predictive and falsifiable model. We are inherently resistant to the notion that our human will and technologies can now somehow stop most if, not all elements of empirically observable science.

The ancients made empirical observations and recorded these observation in the language and presentations of thier epoch. Most of it was written in parables, analogies and epic stories. Or embodied into the essence of gods, goddesses, muses, angels, archangels, and demons. Or geared to the only things the ancients saw as permanent, the stars, sun, moon and planets as universal markers.

Over time some of the effects and causes got reversed like seeing the tail wag the dog. All of this was in the hopes to transmit these empirical and early science forward to thier children and onward.

To be a scientist, in the truest sense of the term, you must put on the flashlight and illuminate the area of discovery and follow the path, no matter where it leads and no matter how you will be labeled for doing so.

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