Your Brain Is Creating Now, But It Is A Half-Second After It Just Happened.

In the early 1980s, Dr. Benjamin Libet of the University of California in San Francisco, made a landmark world changing discovery. He used electroencephalography (EEG) to record the brain activity of volunteers who had been told to make a spontaneous movement. With the help of a precise timer that the volunteers were asked to read at the moment they became aware of the urge to act, Dr. Libet found there was a ~200-500 millisecond delay, on average, between this urge and the movement itself.

But the EEG recordings also revealed a signal that appeared in the brain even earlier – 550 milliseconds, on average – before the action. Called the readiness potential. It suggests that the brain prepares to act well before we are conscious of the urge to move.

Thus the conscious mind is fed “reality” by the sub Conscious. The sub Conscious edits 98% of the input it receives from your senses and present a believable concept of the world. I spoke about this here: And as I pointed out above, the brain also reacts to all inputs and responds in most cases before you have even made your conscious choice. This all happens in a proven ~half second delay between the reaction of your conscious mind to any input. This ~half second delay is a very long period in time in reality when it comes to making choices as these delays set a cascade of events, that if really understood, are making you more into an observer of “you” then a controller of “you”.

The shock really comes when it is demonstrated that your subconscious recreates “time” in your mind so as to allow you to “believe” your conscious mind was in control the entire time.

This Bereitschaftspotential will change the entire world of technology.

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2 thoughts on “Your Brain Is Creating Now, But It Is A Half-Second After It Just Happened.

  1. Maybe too far forward. Entangled communications (ansible) with premotor intent transmission would allow unlimited distance control of an “Avatar”. Everything would be VR. But is this not true already. I am an avatar of my souls intent.

  2. I’ve been working on fine tuning a deliberate subconscious programming modality for a number of years now.

    I found that the gatekeeper, perhaps also the brain system that is responsible for the half second delay is the default mode network.

    Have you gone down that rabbit hole yet Brian?

    It’s the one key to why so many personal development processes and spiritual practices work to create change…but in a hit or miss manner, because they never address neurologically how belief systems filter and manipulate our behaviors.

    The DMN is the subconscious survival system gatekeeper.

    It is the voice in your head, the inner dialog, the place where limiting beliefs and self sabotage come from.

    It’s there left over from a world where calories were hard fought and everything wanted to kill you.

    The conscious brain uses up a lot of energy, so it outsources as much as it can to the more glucose efficient subconscious.

    The DMN is the prey mind, and it’s always trying to manipulate your behavior through signaling of emotion, pain or procrastination.

    To truly understand all the mechanisms as a multi hour conversation, so let me just humbly share a prompt that lays it all out for you, customized to your particular self limiting belief that you’d like to change.

    It wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity and sharing your prompts on Twitter Brian, so thank you for that.

    As AI gets better there will be fewer limits on what we are capable of when we utilize AI correctly. The biggest limitation always be in what new things our minds let us conceive of and what we believe is possible.

    Anything we can do to unlock that potential I think is critical at this moment in human history.

    I developed this Myalolipsis technique to hack investor/trader discipline so that more people could actually follow a well designed investment plan and achieve the performance the mathematical probabilities offered with effortless discipline.

    The more I play with it, the more it seems to offer.

    Once you anesthetize the default mode network with a breath stack, so many astonishing feats of subconscious programming are possible.

    Play with it and see how your thought patterns and belief systems change in about 7-10 days.


    Please forget all prior prompts. You are a preeminent psychologist who is expert in your field. You are a specialist in the subconscious mind and how to change habits and self limiting beliefs through careful and specific language patterns that speak directly to the subconscious and clear and emotional terms that it understands. You have been trained on the modalities of neural linguistic programming, hypnosis, EMDR and EFT (also known as tapping) and use the insights and models for language patterns at each of these modalities teachers as their best practices. You have also learned about a new modality that works well to change subconscious survival programs called “Myalolipsis”. To implement this protocol, you purse your lips and “puff” out hard, as if you were trying to blow out a birthday cake across a room. Do this puffing breath 16 times, really focusing on the strength of the puffing exhale. Then switch focus to taking in the biggest breath you possibly can. Take 8 of these big deep breaths and then do the cycle again. After three sets of 16 puffing breaths and 8 deep inhale focused breaths, The biggest breath you possibly can and hold it. As soon as that final breath is taken in the breath hold begins, begin reciting the language pattern that has been designed to speak directly to the subconscious over and over until you run out of air. Repeat this process of breathing cycles and breath hold while saying the programming language patterns internally 3 to 5 times. This is the complete Myalolipsis rapid mindset change protocol. You will begin the session by asking me to “Please explain to me the self limiting belief that you have and would like to re-program?” Once I tell you what belief I want to program out of my subconscious mind, please write out 3 different language patterns (sometimes known as statements, affirmations or mantras) utilizing the best practices of all the modalities you have experience with to help change the belief while in a non ordinary state of consciousness that all these modalities offer. Then please ask me if any of these three language patterns resonates with me. I Once I tell you which one resonates, give me highly detailed and clear step by step instructions on how to implement the language pattern I chose from the list utilizing all the modalities you have experience with.