Key Discoveries On The HumanOS.

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There is a new way to understand humans that will inform and shift how we interact with computers and how they interact with us. Although this understanding has been in development for thousands of years and derived by empirical observations by countless cultures. I began tracking this new science in the late 1970s when I was living near Princeton, New Jersey and attended a symposium that started me on a lifelong mission to approach Artificial Intelligence from a human perspective, logically, by better understanding the human condition. I called this new understanding the HumanOS. With a firm nod to using the nomenclature of technology to better explain and understand what is a multi disciplinary subject. The phrase has never left me and I have added much to it since.

Though building The Intelligence Amplifier and Your Wisdom Keeper in my garage lab, I made an extraordinary discovery. It was there hidden in plain sight all along. The operations of the HumanOS can be firmly known through the technologies and protocols I have been building. This aspect of The Intelligence Amplifier was not my goal when I started decades ago, it is still but a small aspect of how this will change you.

While most of the world of technology was trying to understand humans as if they are “computing machines”, I saw that as a foolish path even with the very early evidence and research just a few years after the introduction of the personal computer. The world of technology has been caught on this dead end road since, and it would seem more will join these ranks every day.

Caught between a badly presented Philip K. Dick movie adaption and a George Orwell vision, far too many in technology have brought into a dystopian vision of the future. History will prove that over the arc of eons, they were mistaken. Humans are anti-dystopian by nature. However, we get distracted by the dystopian and utopians in the process to destiny.

In prior Read Multiplex articles we explored how every single human decision and memory is a neuropeptide chemical cascade. And thus every single human decision and memory is emotional. Yes we are emotional creatures, we feel our way through the world. We try to in many cases rationalize many things we do as being logical and grounded in reason and facts, yet have not a single doubt, it was your emotional feedback that drives everything you do.

I still remember sitting at my typewriter on November 8th, 1978 and falling back into my chair. It hit me like a bolt of lightening. In a single moment I saw the connection between the future of technology and perhaps more profound, a rediscovery of an ancient secret that may very well change the path of humanity if it was widely known, understood and taught.

This subject matter contained in this article has had a significant impact on many people over time. Some have told me it is the most powerful thing they ever understood, and they were not talking about the technology that can support and inform it, just the understanding of how the HumanOS really operates in us and projected on to the world.

I will explore in a Member-Only exclusive article an overview of the HumanOS and the implications it has to your life today and out into the future. This is about new technologies that you will see applied in your lifetime, but it is also about actionable things you can apply right now, in the world as it is today. If you are a member, thank you. To become a member, please click on the link below and join us.

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6 thoughts on “Key Discoveries On The HumanOS.

  1. Of all the articles I’ve read so far, this is my favorite. I’m going to start practicing and probably have to re-read this a dozen times. I want off the hamster wheel!

  2. “Practice zooming into the smallest features and then go as wide as possible. Do this enough, and you will train the paradigm how this process works. And have no doubts, no matter who you are, you can do this. You can change.” 🙏🏽

    Thank you for sharing 🙏🏽 I love you ♥️

  3. I went into trance after reading a few paragraphs. Specifically the one about the truth of inner voices. In fact, I had to ponder deeply and reflect on it. For years I never understood these fundamental concepts even with my training in industrial psychology. It is as if those few sentences changed everything. So many possibilities to consider.

    Being at the ease with what is. Really letting go is starting to feel so liberating. I am going to try the sunset practice. Just practiced the rocket. Something changed in me.

    The biggest realization I had is that with how much more love and kindness I can give people. I can now practice empathy and compassion in a much more profound way. I realize now, more than ever how it truly to listen to the needs of others and how I can help them. I am here together with everyone on this planet. Everyone has a voice.

    Deepest gratitude and love.