The Scientific Frontier Of Ultraweak Photon Networks Discovered In Humans.

We are at the precipice of a new understanding of how the human brain operates, how memories are stored and the networks of communication channels we have. It will not only inform how the next generations of computers will work but also how we see ourselves and all the life around us.

In a series of articles we have explored just a very small part of a new frontier few dare to speak of in public. For it is as transformative as the discovery of Quantum Physics was to the Newtonian Physics.

It is the basis of a new science that crosses the silos of specialties most in academia have invested in. Although this is a very small path through this new frontier it will have a massive impact on the future.

We started this small side trail on a much bigger adventure with “Memory Storage In The Brain And How It Will Change The Next Century Of Computers”:

In that article I present the science that shows that there have been many examples of people with a majority of thier brain missing or damaged, yet they suffered no loss of memory or function.

We went on to explore this trail that shows that there may be a number of communication and memory storage systems in the human body in “Amazing New Understanding Of How Human Memory Works”:

In that article I present the new science that shows that we not only have misunderstood how we communicate in our bodies, we also misunderstand how and even where memory is stored.

We explored a new science that shows something quite astonishing: cells with thier nucleus removed will continue to survive. The will eat, communicate, move and do every other function. The impairment will be when it comes time to divide or reproduce.

In this article we will explore a newly discovered and confirmed Ultraweak Photon Emissions in the human body and just about every other forms of life.

We will also explore how this frontier science has opened up the possibility of new technologies in computers and communication. No, this is not the “singularity” and you will soon see why you won’t need it and will likely never arrive as so many have presented.

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One thought on “The Scientific Frontier Of Ultraweak Photon Networks Discovered In Humans.

  1. Brian, this was a truly fascinating read. I won’t be able to sleep tonight!
    Has any of your previous worked touched on frequency(s) affecting health?
    Thank you.