How Cellular Memory Will Allow For A New Generation Of Computers.

We continue this adventure on the frontier on the latest science and research. We stand on the fence line that has been established and we will fearlessly cross over to this new unexplored territory. There are no maps from Snopes or Wikipedia to reassure us, we just have the empirical science and brave scientists that have committed to follow the evidence no matter where it leads them.

“Even if a single example exists that current theory can’t explain, we have to accept the current theory is no longer science, but it has become dogma”—@BrianRoemmele, @ReadMultiplex

We started this small side trail on a much bigger adventure with “Memory Storage In The Brain And How It Will Change The Next Century Of Computers”:

In that article I present the science that shows that there have been many examples of people with a majority of thier brain missing or damaged, yet they suffered no loss of memory or function.

We went on to explore this trail that shows that there may be a number of communication and memory storage systems in the human body in “Amazing New Understanding Of How Human Memory Works”:

In that article I present the new science that shows that we not only have misunderstood how we communicate in our bodies, we also misunderstand how and even where memory is stored.

In this article we will explore the new science that shows something quite astonishing: cells with thier nucleus removed will continue to survive. The will eat, communicate, move and do every other function. The impairment will be when it comes time to divide or reproduce.

We have been taught that the “brain” of a cell was the nucleus. Even in PhD programs at major universities, this concept is still taught. Is it accurate? If the “brain” of the cell is in fact, the nucleus we are left with an inconvenient question: “What is operating all of the very complex processes of a cell when the ‘brain’ is missing?”.

Traditional science has tried to dance around this well known phenomena with incomplete theories that do very little to explain. They present it is in another part of the cell. However, we can search the organelles (parts of a cell) for the “brain:” and remove them one by one and still the cell continues.

In this Member-Only exclusive article I will connect the three other articles and explore in more details what this means to humans and the computer that will brian massive opportunities ahead on how computers. If you are a member, thank you. To become a member, please click on the link below and join us.

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3 thoughts on “How Cellular Memory Will Allow For A New Generation Of Computers.

  1. Dr Bruce Lipton was a visiting professor at my chiropractic college in the mid 90s. He radically changed my understanding of innate intelligence of life and the role of the “ blueprints “. I am happy his vindication is nigh. Exceptional series Brian. Gratitude for your valor and perseverance.

  2. Thank you so much. This article came at a time where I really needed it. Every article you post contains life changing ideas and information. I’m so grateful I discovered your work.

  3. “be very careful what you think, feel, internalize, externalize and wish for. What we consume, in all things literally becomes who we are.”

    This was so beautiful ♥️ Thank you 🙏🏽