The Read Multiplex Forum Is Open.

The Read Multiplex Forum Is Open.

We live in a world where people are increasingly insular, atomized and categorized. This is the very opposite of community. A community is a group of individuals who share common characteristics, interests, or goals and interact with one another within a specific geographical location or virtual space. It is a social unit where people come together to form relationships, collaborate, and support one another. Social media platforms form connection but fail in many cases without overt active action on the part of the users, a sense of community. It takes overt intersectionality to attempt this, and in many cases we are met with failure.

I have been very blessed with forming alliances with so many on Twitter and Quora, and it comes close to being a community. It took a great deal of intention. The difficult part is all of this takes place in a public space where a “drive-by” antagonist, for just about any ambition, will do their best to disrupt and agitate. This creates a great pause in participants to be frank and creative. Just about everyone “feels” they have to by highly guarded, else they face unintended reactions from mockery to far worse. These platforms also have limits to how information can be presented.

I have longed for an online community that is formed around free thought, creativity, honesty, supportive and respectful. There is only one way I could find that is simple and powerful: an Intentional Community.

An Intentional Community

An intentional community is a type of community consciously created by a group of individuals who come together with a shared vision, purpose, or set of values. Unlike traditional communities that form naturally over time, intentional communities are intentionally designed and established by their members.

The primary characteristic of intentional communities is that the individuals who choose to participate do so purposefully. Intentional communities can be based on various principles or ideologies. Some focus on ecological sustainability, emphasizing practices such as organic farming, renewable energy, and environmental conservation. Others may revolve around spiritual or religious beliefs, seeking to create a shared space for worship, meditation, etc. There are also intentional communities that prioritize peace, cooperative economics, holistic health, or creative expression.

It has been a very high honor to have Read Multiplex and the absolutely amazing people that have intentionally chosen to become a member. It occurred to me that I have already found the Intentional Community I was looking for. They have already made a choice to seek out their own knowledge by being a member. They have already made the big step to open their mind to the rapidly changing world we are in. They sense the rate of change has accelerated to a degree that with no change in how we cope, we will surly break.

The Read Multiplex Member Forum is here as a private Intentional Community of like-minded folks that seek intelligent discussions on just about any subject. We are all here to support each other in this turbulent and often polarized world. We intend that this small part of the world be a place where we all grow stronger. They are 1% of the world that actively are curious and are driven to learn more, no matter age, station in life or geographic location.

We have only been open for 48 hours and already I can see we are forming life long friendships and alliances that will be both personally rewarding and financially rewarding. We will build a new path together. We will form new business together. We will help each other understand the world together. We will encourage our ideas, curiosity and insights together. We will do this with grace and kindness that seems to be lost in the world today.

A Master Mind Group

In just 48 hours we have created a few master mind groups. One on SuperPrompts has generated spectacular new prompts that have simple not found anyplace. Just this master mind group can impact your life prompting ChatGPT and other LLM AI models. A master mind group is a concept popularized by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich.” It refers to a dedicated group of individuals who come together regularly to support and challenge one another in achieving their personal and professional goals. The purpose of a master mind group is to leverage collective wisdom, experience, and accountability to accelerate individual growth and success. In a master mind group, participants typically share common objectives or areas of interest, such as entrepreneurship, personal development, career advancement, or specific skill development. The group members bring their diverse perspectives, knowledge, skills, and networks to create a synergistic environment where everyone benefits from the collective intelligence of the group.

Thus we are an intentional community with a desire to form master mind groups to solve on just about any area of interest or problem. If you are reading this and saying “Yes” you are already welcome to be a member. If this sounds like “a bunch of crap” we still love you but prefer you find your own way alone. It is really that simple.

Membership at Read Multiplex will afford you access to the Read Multiplex Member Forum. It will also continue to garner access to postings on this site and other benefits we are looking to add in the future.

I would like to extend a welcome to you personally to be a part of this community. We have saved a place for you. We highly value you, your life experience and your wisdom. Be active here or just be present, either way, this is your intellectual home.

If you are a member, thank you. If you are not yet a member, join us by clicking below.

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  1. Firstly – love the forum. Yet I tried to reply to various posts earlier and got an error message “Are you sure you wanted to do that?” when I hit submit. In a red highlighted area under the Be Kind reminder. Tried on two browsers, nope.
    Not sure what else to try? Sorry if there is something obvious I am missing.
    Thanks – Matt.