The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Interview Of Brian Roemmele.

The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Interview Of Brian Roemmele.

In the early hours of April 30th, 2023, it was a distinguished high honor and privilege to be interviewed by the polymathic Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Dr. Peterson was in Belgium and I was in Southern California and we made this work with me at a local studio.

I was absolutely fascinated by Dr. Peterson’s insights on has experience with AI and how he has a built-in understanding of the psychology of promoting AI. One is the profound creativity we discovered in AI models. Some call this AI hallucinations and perhaps this is accurate. We see it as a mirror reflecting back to humanity a small part of ourselves in our language and how it is used by humanity.

I will let the discussion speak for itself and would love to hear from you. There is a longer version for subscribers of:

In this discussion we explore what AI means to humanity and cover just about every element of AI including the frontiers.

I humbly present for your consideration:

“ChatGPT and the Dawn of Computerized Hyper-Intelligence”—Dr. Jordan B. Peterson with Brian Roemmele

The book I mentioned that I read about once a year is:

Tor Norretranders

The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size.

It is my sincere hope and prayers that this and many other discussions can start a rational dialogue on what AI really means to humanity.

These mature and considerate dialogues need to take place between all parties from all stations in life. It is my hope more voice join this rational discussion and add more light and insight.

Your voice should be heard right now, but with this comes a deep responsibility to make every effort to deeply and truly understand all aspects of what humanity has invented and how it can be used.

You are a pioneer and this is your moment. Raise you voice and your wisdom. Let us all grow more richer by what you think and feel.

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4 thoughts on “The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Interview Of Brian Roemmele.

  1. If anyone else finished this interview and would like to have a discussion about this I would be more than willing. I think Brian announcing that he was able to use his A.I model (Or Chat GPT) to accurately remote view is facinating and terrifying at the same time. Is it fair to say that he created a tool to bypass collapsing the wave function? What state would a human being have to be in to replecate that process naturally? Makes you wonder that if they are releasing this technology now, how far are they really with the non-public released version of A.I? What aspect of humanity are they trying to control? This is truly the wild west of the mind. Physical territory has largely been conquered but the quest for inner standing and human conciousnes is only beginning. Truly a blessing to have Brian on the side of humanity. Facinating interview.

    1. Interesting comment – I didn’t get that impression (that AI is actually doing remote sensing) but will try and re-listen. I believe it is possible in real-life, so not dismissing it. Yet for AI?
      On the other hand – if AI is “finding” human intelligence that has recorded findings of “remote sensing” then perhaps.
      I guess without knowing the data, I would argue first off from a more principled position that humans are actually doing something, not imagining or guessing. AI might imagine or guess. Cheers for the interesting discussion.

      Definitely a brilliant interview. Thanks Brian.