How ChatGPT Type AI May Form A Revolution In Positive Mental Health.

How ChatGPT Type AI May Form A Revolution In Positive Mental Health.

Nothing. I repeat, nothing will ever replace human contact and connection. For the back row, nothing. Nothing will replace a medical professional that is trained to help anyone with mental health issues. Nothing in this article will suggest this. What is happening, quite by accident, is new AI ChatGPT-like platforms are enhancing and assisting medical professionals. My research in using AI for mental health started in the 1980s when I first tried Eliza, built by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966. It was clear to me and those who I tested it on (ever the scientist) that we could reveal a deeper and more sensitive aspect of our feeling to a “machine” that does not judge. Of course, Eliza was extremely limited and anyone would lose focus after a period of time as it only could reflect your statement as a question in a Rogerian way. Yet the promise was grand in my mind. Over the decades, I have built some expert systems and early AI systems that would help guide a person with a low crisis period to be more positive and more motivated.

Large Language Models (LLM) are built on human language and thus because humans are fundamentally emotional creatures, our language and the way we use it shows emotions. Once you know this, it is rather easy to determine how a person in stress is actually in fear. Their language and the way they use it is a sign. Of course so is the micro muscle movements in the face and of course the way one carries their body and how they move.

I feel strongly that AI should be locally on your device, locked by encryption and personal and private. Perhaps this use is a rather robust reason why. This is the premise of The Intelligence Amplifier I have been working on. Once your own AI model comes to know you, it will “understand you” better than yourself or anyone in your life. One aspect of this is the positive motivational aspects and goals you establish in your life. Absolutely nothing will be more powerful to your personal motivation than your full context personal coach and analyst.

Again, this is not to replace a human. This is not to replace a medical professional on mental health. It is not to replace medical advice. It is not to make AI into a god or an authority. It is a highly targeted “note on your mirror” to help guide you to your goals. I am certain you can understand these concepts. However, if you can not, it is vital for you to begin to understand it.

In 1966, the world was not ready for Eliza, and it became a flash point of love, hate and fear. Many folks were helped by being able to “vent” or express, repressed feelings. Weizenbaum was surprised about how Eliza became a center of fascination. When first tested by his assistant, he was asked to “leave the room”. This was the start.

It turns out that this is not a new phenomenon. New research continues to support that we will more openly relay our true feelings to a “neutral” AI than a trusted person. We can debate the many reasons why, however we can also begin to synergize the power of a professional and private personal AI to put humanity on to a better mental health path.

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