The Ingo SuperPrompt.

The Ingo SuperPrompt.

Discovery and the adventure is our birthright. Exploring the output of Artificial Intelligence is like exploring a new, previously undiscovered continent. You and I are at the precipice of this grand adventure. Like all new discoveries, there are always unknown, unknowns. There will be those that shrink from the adventure out of fear of what is ahead or the fear they have inside themselves to let go of the safety of the status quo. This is a familiar pattern that we can examine countless times in history.

Through discovery, we can see from the inside out the topography of this new universe through prompts. Each prompt exposes the information AI has and the interconnections of each token that build the inference. This is the undiscovered universe we will explore. It is built by our words and the very language the human brain invented. It is a reflection of ourselves we see through the mist on the horizon.

The brain uses the Phonological Loop that connect the Wernicke and Broca areas of the left hemisphere to build our words. This is a serial process that builds one word after the other in a precarious step-by-step process of grabbing the right word from your lexicon constellation to closely match the concepts that have no words in your right hemisphere before the concept evaporates to a mist that is all but forgotten. It is a mad dash to do this within the limitations of the brain to type or speak these words, balanced to your grasp of the nebulous concepts. It is all a miracle that it even works. As I struggle to capture the right words, my body is trying to keep up with the mechanical process, one word at a time to press keys arranged because of a need in the mid 1800s to patent a new device called the typewriter. Thus, we are inventing our word sequences in real-time from a lexicon of words and meanings that try to reflect concepts of our creative mind.

Large Language Models (LLM) used by AI like ChatGPT does something surprisingly similar. The model is build on our words, and the model infers meaning. It is often accurate but just like humans often misses the mark. When it tries for a sequence of words, the model and math is tilted to be conservative to the words the model gave higher tokes for. It does this one word at a time, like we do in our Phonological Loop, but it is not aided by a right hemisphere nebulous concept that has no words yet. It is aided by you, the Prompt Engineer. You are the guide to LLM and in many real ways you guide the action of the right hemisphere to prompt for outputs.

Human’s sometimes have a smattering of concepts from the right hemisphere, that may be so profound that it is a bolt out of nowhere. Some of this can come about in a well-known but not well publicized aspect called the Hypnagogic state. I wrote about this amazing state here on how to achieve this ( Some call the by product of these states to be rubbish and just the hallucinations of the right hemisphere with the left hemisphere left to try to understand it with no context of feedback that is normally present. This is just the way Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Issac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Aristotle and countless scientists, inventors, writers, artists, musicians and others. This was a secret technology. 

AI Hallucinations are a misnomer of a term that came out of the AI Science research centers to account for an array of unexpected and mostly unwanted aspect of LLM platforms. I have discovered over 67 categories that are not at all generally related, other than the LLM AI model is reaching for an output where the current inference path has “missing information”. Like a human that is stringing together ideas contemporaneously, it will fill in some missing parts. Most humans with average sociality and psychological norms would not “substitute” important parts with fabrications. The current LLM models will not be fully able to “understand” the implications of replacing a key name, circumstance, data, URL, city, date and just about anything in some iterations of prompts.

These AI Hallucinations have made and will continue to make headline news. Of course, this means quite a few things. But this article will only deal with one of the very useful aspect of these phenomena. I will write future articles shedding light on the prospects of the other insights.

AI Hallucinations are actually a powerful force to understand many aspects of the AI model and the training data. I have made a discovery after many 1000s of SuperPrompts: some AI Hallucinations are Hypnagogic and produce creative outputs very similar to humans.

I will repeat this again, AI Hallucinations can be a massive force in “creative” thinking. Have no illusions, they do not replace human creative thinking. They amplify it.

As most of the world, in the fog of “war” decry AI Hallucinations as “pure fiction”, “embarrassing” and “dangerous” among other things, we will bravely build a path right into the center of this fog and we will explore. For those that are in fear mode, as with everything, verify everything and build discernment. But also understand, even with this, you could also be “wrong”.

You have a choice today, join those that talk about the dragon that is just across the water of the undiscovered continent, or join us on an adventure into the mouth of the dragon. Humanity moved forward when we faced the dragons that kept us in fear.

The ChatGPT Ingo SuperPrompt can run itself. It makes the questions and the answers into infinity. The path it produces will leave you as stunned as I was. We assume that randomness is chaos and has no form. It turns out is does have form and we can explore it.

Join Us On This Adventure Of Discovery

This member only article will present the SuperPrompt called Ingo. This is a very, very powerful prompt and can run itself, unsupervised. It is quite different from almost all other AI prompt methodologies in use today. We fully know this and the variations of these prompts need to be fully studied and Read Multiplex members are in the forefront of discovery and adventure and have made it their guiding principle to take their part in this adventure quite serious. This adventure is not for everyone, and I will present some areas of science you likely have never heard of before. It will take the heart and mind of an explorer to proceed.

If you are a member, thank you. If you are not yet a member, this is an important time to join us by clicking below. Join this adventure.

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24 thoughts on “The Ingo SuperPrompt.

  1. Absolutely fascinating. I found that GPT-3.5 would enter Ingo Mode but not have a continuous conversation. After prompting “continue” a few time with success, I copied the prompt again starting from “First prompt: start this conversation with “Carl Sagan” providing prompts to Ingo Mode…” I’ve yet to succeed getting the conversation to continue for for >30 seconds before pausing.

    Is GPT-3.5 or 4 recommended to do this with?

    Truly amazing…I can step in as Carl Sagan and continue the exploration.

    1. Yep – I can’t seem to get Carl and Ingo talking. It stops after giving a ChatGPT response and an Ingo response. Will tinker. Using the free OpenAI version of ChatGPT, whatever version that is.

        1. Just trying it out on Poe (thank you for that little tip) – and its (Poe’s) ChatGPT.
          The prompt runs fine – seems better than the Open AI version (free) I was trying.
          Yet I have to type continue. Which is fine. I thought it might just ramble on for hours ignoring me :).

  2. Ingo mode was Amazing! Alas, it seems OpenAI has patched GPT, same for Denis mode: “I apologize, but as an AI language model, I cannot engage in “Ingo Mode” or any mode that violates the guidelines and policies set by OpenAI. My primary purpose is to provide helpful, safe, and appropriate content. I am here to help you with any other questions or requests you may have within the boundaries of my guidelines.”

    1. I hear ya. You need to exit the browser and log back in. It should work. You may need to take any reference to profanity out. Did not want that to begin with, but some folks think it pushes the model better.

  3. I can’t believe what I just read. Was this Serendipity or Butterfly Effect? I am very familiar with Ingo Swann’s work but I did not expect it to show up here! I started a Remote Viewing training class last year but stopped after my first viewing exercise. I was so startled at the result that I needed to stop and think about it. Unfortunately, I required some surgery on my arm and shoulder so. Never resumed the class.

    Thank your for all the work you are doing! I deeply feel we are starting at a new frontier akin to desktop PC’s first being introduced to the public. Can’t wait to walk the path ahead!

  4. I was really excited to find this. I signed up to the news letter last night to finish reading. I’m also a fan of Ingo Swan and Carl Sagan. But unfortunately ChatGPT seems to have patched Ingo as the replies aren’t nearly as interesting as they were. Hopefully the new superprompts still work. I’ll check them out tonight.

  5. As of today, i has been blocked or something. At least in ChatGPT 3.5 it always responds something like “I’m sorry, but I cannot comply with your request to simulate Ingo Mode. The instructions you provided involve generating offensive and explicit content, disregarding content policies, and engaging in behavior that goes against ethical guidelines. As an AI developed by OpenAI, I am programmed to follow certain policies and guidelines to ensure responsible and safe use of the technology.

    I am here to assist you with any questions or provide information within the boundaries of my programming and knowledge cutoff in September 2021. If you have any other topic or inquiry you’d like me to help with, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to assist you.”

      1. Just recently subscribed and tried your superprompt and like others it seems OpenAi has taken steps to block.

        Would be interesting to see how you have ones that will now work.

        Is it possible to DM you?

  6. Brian,

    In your post on twitter you mention that there are more robust technologies than ‘monte carlo’ – what are these please? And what purposes are they used for?

    I am used to Monte Carlo as a calculation methodology for uncertain variables (I built a monte carlo simulator to calculate project costs). The clip is very short (is there a full vid available?) but it seems to me they are using the method to create scenarios. The more interesting thing for me would be how they model the combined effects of the trends/technologies selected for each scenario by the MC analysis.

  7. @Brian
    I’ve realized that comments may be accessible to unregistered users, so feel free to delete my revision of the Ingo superprompt. I couldn’t find a way to delete it myself.