Why did ancient builders often incorporate supermassive stones?

The More Ancient, The More Massive

The ancient monumental and megalithic structures from 2000 BCE and earlier have a remarkable number of similarities. Even more striking is the fact that the older the megalithic structure, generally the more massive the stones that were used. We can see sites that have been built on the foundations of ancient sites and layer by layer the building techniques become less exacting, with smaller stones using less superior materials, all the way up to the current epoch.

Temple of Jupiter Baal, Baalbek, Lebanon. The largest blocks are 70 feet long, 14 feet high, 10 feet thick, and weigh over 800 tons. They are clearly far older than the Temple that was built on top of it in 800 BCE.

Ollantaytamba megaliths over 400,000 pounds. Moved over 50 miles to a mountain top at over 12,000 feet.

Sachsa Uma, near Cusco, megaliths over 300,000 pounds. Quarry location, unknown, but not local. 

The degree of work performed on each megalithic block is equivalent, in many cases, to the texture of a fine polished granite countertop. The tolerance is so exacting that we find no examples of any mortars or cements used to set these huge blocks. Simply put, no building engineer would chance building structures in this manner today. 

When smaller stones were used, poured bronze clamps can be found internally at some sites found in many locations around the world. The currently accepted view of historians is that there is no way these ancient cultures could have had contact with each other, yet we can clearly observe an obvious central point of building knowledge. 

Menhirs And Dolmens

We also can find menhirs and dolmens (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolmen) on every continent that has had human development. Most of these buildings and monuments have stones in the 150,000 pounds and 250,000 pounds. There are some theories on how and why thousands of these megalithic structures have been placed all around the world. Some span from the obtuse to the classic bromide many historians reach for when they can not decode something, e.g. “a religious purpose”, even though the very same historians suggest there was never a worldwide religion. Some suggest they are trail or road markers, this makes little sense since they are not arranged in a manner that would suggest this. Even though perhaps 1000s were removed when organized farming was established. Some researchers believe the data suggests that these stones were placed a far back as 15,000 BCE. 

Menhir du Champ-Dolent, Dol-de-Bretagne, France. Over 200,000 pounds it measures nearly 10 meters high above ground and about 5 meters below ground placed on bedrock. Age, neolithic period. 

Lanyon Quoit, Madron West Corwell. The capstone is 2.7 x 5.25 meters weighing 27,000 poundsthe chamber height is about 2 meters. Age, neolithic period.

Ancient Man Made Islands

There is also evidence to be found in ancient man made islands. The best case is Nan Madol a collection of 98 artificial islands that were created by stacking over 250,000,000 magnetized Prismatic Volcanic Basalt columns (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basalt), roughly 190 million tons covering over 11 square miles. 

Example of large “Doorways” on Nan Madol.

The Builders of Nan Madol, did no choose to place these 98 islands on a reef, that would be far easier, but they choose to build into water as deep as 200 feet in some places. 

These islands were not defensible for military purposes nor was there a lack of land or other islands in close proximity.

Precision Alignment 

We can also find that the precise locations, leveling and alignments are so exacting in some  megalithic structures, it would be very difficult to duplicate this fine detail today. Some alignments are made to the cardinal points, while others are aligned to the solstices and other astronomic bodies. This was not by chance and it speaks to an incredible body of knowledge. This assures that a future culture could not mistake the grand work as an accident from primitives.

Why? To Transmit A Simple Human Message

This is a fascinating question. Although it may appear to be a complex concept, I feel that we have abundant empirical evidence that ancient cultures have already came up with a solution.

Large, Obvious, Not Naturally Occurring, Structure(s)

Currently there is really only one way to send a message to an advanced culture 50,000 years, perhaps 100,000 years in to the future:

  • Building: a very massive stone structure or series of structures with a simple symbolic language that hopefully can be decoded by a future advanced culture.

Metamorphic or Igneous rock obviously is the only thing we currently know in nature that can last billions of years. Modern building systems using cements, wood and metal would decay in 100s of years and perhaps be unrecognizable in 1000s of years.

The Structures would need to be constructed in a manner that even the most skeptical person would conclude did not occur as a natural process but a concerted process from an intelligent species.

Megaliths Are Everywhere

Our planet has evidence of an abundant number of megalithic stone monuments. Recently, a site was discovered where the ancient civilization choose to bury the megalithic site. At Göbekli Tepe an unknown ancient civilization, after over 2500 years of continuous use, choose to bury this site in a concerted and dedicated manner. This may be one additional way to assure rediscovery, however it may also make it impossible to be rediscovered.

8000+ Year Old Göbekli Tepe Megalith

Location With Very Little Plants And Vegetation Plus A Stable Low Rain Environment

The location must have a very low likelihood to be over come by plants and trees obscuring and ultimately consuming the structure. This would lend the location to be at a desert plateau. Of course there is a chance that sand can cover the structure if it is not tall enough. The desert location would also have very little water erosion and would aid in the longevity.

  • Location: A high plateau desert location.

Clearly there may be changes in weather patterns that may change the biome of a region. However, if site selection is logical the effects of the biome changes may have little impact in 100,000 years.

There Is Only One Long Term Dating System

To date the structure, you really only have one logical ?option. Alignments to the Stars. Many high ancient cultures were obsessed with keeping time. A number of these ancient cultures were so accurate that they are off just by seconds in accuracy buy today’s standards. They were aware of the movement and cycles of the planets and moons, the changes in the sun, the precession of the equinox and perhaps changes in Stars and galaxies. They observed natural cycles in the skies and recorded them and went on to predict them to a high degree of accuracy. The precession of the equinox is about 25,800 years and is a great way to present long periods of time. Creating an alignment that takes into account this “great year” would help a future intelligent culture to successfully decode a dating to a high degree of accuracy.

  • Dating: Star alignment is the only option

Empirical History, Just A Coincidence?

There are many ancient cultures that may be transmitting a message to our culture today. We unfortunately may have not been getting the message. We thus far, at least in most academic circles have relegated ancient cultures to be just a step up from cavemen. I was at a lecture where a very notable archeologist stated: “All ancient cultures seem to one thing in common, they did not evolve a modern sense of technology”. I laughed as in the same lecture this notable scientist marveled how accurate (by accident) the megalithic structures were aligned to the Solstices, by less than 1/16th of an inch.

Standing right in front of us is perhaps already a message being transmitted to us by a very ancient culture. They choose to locate this message, perhaps 100% by coincidence, as a huge series of stone structures, that are clearly not naturally formed, in a location that has little rainfall and almost no plant life, at the exact center of all the land mass of earth, more aligned to the cardinal points of the compass than any other massive structure, with almost perfect alignment to a cluster of stars.

If you have not guessed it by now, the Pyramids on the Giza plateau. One could not pick a better transmitter of information then this. The alignment, although disputed by some is to Orion’s Belt.

A Message About The Past Or The Future

We of course can speculate if this is a message from the past, meaning when the structure was built, or a message into the future when some event(s) may be scheduled to take place, like a cosmic alarm clock. We know that the alignment to Orion’s belt is accurate to apparent star magnitude, meaning the brighter the star, the larger the Pyramid. However one star is off by about 1/2 of a degree.

The Alignment Of The Giza Pyramids and Orion’s Belt

Here we can see Mintaka or delta Orionis not quite aligned. Some speculate this is because the Pyramids have nothing to do with this alignment, perhaps so. However, we would have to ignore the Egyptians and all they have written about this area of the sky. We would also have to ignore the abundant amount of data from other structures that have alignment to the stars.

“Just A Coincidence?”

Thus, if we assume this is not a coincidence, we can conclude that this is a purposeful message transmitted for a future culture to decode. The evidence I think is tilted to the Pyramids marking a future date when Mintaka or delta Orionis is in this position.Currently, just by coincidence, it seems that Mintaka or delta Orionis is in fact moving in this direction. However, it may take millions of years with our current understanding of this star.

  • Large Stone Structures: A very massive stone structure or series of structures with a simple symbolic language that hopefully can be decoded by a future advanced culture.
  • Location: A high plateau desert location is ideal so that natural water weathering would be limited. The structures that are now in jungle areas were mostly discovered by accident.
  • Dating: Star alignment is the only option to transcend the movements of the earth and magnetic North. Dating is in itself a multi level message that transmits a reasonable amount of intelligence.

Historians tend to pull out the same list of reasons when they see the use of almost impossibly large stones, they conclude that it must be for a “religious purpose”. Perhaps, but this does not explain every structure. There is no doubt that there are countless reasons why these structures were built and can be found all around the world.

Some question empirical evidence of a megalithic structure that has significant if not nearly perfect accuracy of the alignment to True North and therefore the four cardinal points. The Great Pyramid at Giza (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pyramid_of_Giza) is such a structure. It has been surveyed by quite a number of researchers. At Wikipedia we have the consensus of:

“The sides of the square base (Great Pyramid at Giza) are closely aligned to the four cardinal compass points (within 4 minutes of arc).”

Over time, more accurate measuring and surveying techniques has placed this to be even more accurately aligned then previously thought.

The 8 faces of the exposed section of the Great Pyramid.

There is greater accuracy discovered as we gain access to better tools that can better determine True North. Professor Mark Lehner, PhD of Yale University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Egyptian archaeology at the Oriental Institute of University Of Chicago (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Lehner), is a noted scientist and Egyptologist with over 30+ years in field study of Egypt and the buildings built by the cultures from this region. Professor Lehner is also the head of The Giza Plateau Mapping Project (http://oi.uchicago.edu/research/projects/giz/) and has built the most comprehensive site survey of elevation, orientation and alignment of all the structures on Giza. 

Professor Lehner has also built the most accurate computer models of all the major structures and survey data thus far for Giza. Along with dozens of notable discoveries The Giza Plateau Mapping Project has placed the Great Pyramid at Giza to with-in 1.9 minutes of arc to True North. This rather new data suggests the builders of this megalithic structure had access to far finer details of direction than once thought. 

Also published in Professor Lehner’s landmark book, “The Complete Pyramids”, London: Thames and Hudson (1997), it was concluded after consulting building engineers that have built massive structures in modern times, it was suggested that this degree of accuracy would not be practically possible at this grand scale when it is related to all the other accuracies that can be found in the structure, with currently known building practices. The machinery, time and manpower to engineer a site of this magnitude would be incalculable, by their expert opinion. 

I think this accuracy on what was the largest structure in the world for over 3000+ years is astounding.

An example of ~50,000 lb boulders in Monsanto, Portugal that could not be moved with the technology at hand in the late medieval period on to today. Thus, it was beautifully (in my view) built around. It is perhaps possible today, but just as less practical as it was in the 1400s – 1700s. In contrast, this is just a low average sized stone used at many of the megalith sites. The sites at have 1000s of these sized stones moved up more precarious mountains.

Sacsayhuaman - Cuzco, Peru - photo taken by Sandy Robert | Ancient ruins, Picchu, Machu picchu

The evidence suggests they built in large stone, not because they could not use smaller stone, that they did, but to perhaps preserve a memory. Quite the same as we see Humans act today in our megalithic buildings. It seems that they knew that as history was written and rewritten by generations of victors, they could not ignore these huge monuments even if the people or cultures were erased from history. And would survive far after the last person spoke the language or could read and fully understand the meaning of the symbols they used.

They knew that perhaps bits and pieces could be broken off and defaced, but not entirely. The evidence suggests that Ancient builders are partly using these huge megalithic structures to transmit, at the very least, a simple message that can be translated in any language and over eons of time:

A Message To The Future

Clearly, if we can only leave a message on the planet we have little choice but to build megalithic stone structures, and we would inscribe into this stone a symbolic language that can hopefully be translated into understanding in that future epoch. This would be a very tricky thing, as there is a high degree of likelihood that the symbolic language would appear to be child like and not at all sophisticated.

There is clear evidence that the Pyramid of Khufu/Cheops was covered in pure white polished Tura limestone. It appears this Tura limestone survived quite well. This was up till the majority of the outer casing limestone was removed about 800 years ago to help build cities and mosques which created a rough, worn, and step-like appearance we now see. The very interesting part is that there are numerous written accounts that state that there were “non-egyptian” writing and symbols carved into a great deal of the Tura limestone casing stones.

The pyramids may have taken all that nature threw at it, except for man. If there was an important message carved into the Tura limestone, it has been lost.

Thus, to pass a message to the future, build big obvious stone structures aligned to the stars with a symbolic language written in the stone and perhaps create disincentives for less evolved civilizations to deface the structures, or perhaps bury them in hopes that they can be rediscovered. Hopefully this will send a clear message, that at the very least says…

We, were, here.




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