The Fork In The Road. Part 2.

Humans have at least 20 well defined senses. We have 5 primary senses because we generally think of the 5 sense organs with the sense signals they generate. We are fundamentally sensual life forms, meaning we focus on our senses (SENSual). We feel our way through the universe using these senses and the emotions they create in us. In fact, we can say that everything we know is a construct of the sense/emotional axis construct. Up until this decade, the technology world has either been unaware of, or because of the limits of the technologies available, focused on primarily one sense fundamentally.

We can not ignore or deny our sensuousness anymore then we can ignore breathing. Yet over the last 14 years we have been forced into a single sense, the visual sense. With text, images and video being more and more relied upon and compensate for the signal starvation of the other 20 senses. This has caused a number of unanticipated effects and biases that may help understand the situation we are in and how the new technologies will potentially address the sense starvation,


In general males in the traditionally recognized genetic roles are primarily driven by visuals. This can be confirmed by a number of brain research papers and through brain scanning technologies. Females in the traditionally recognized genetic roles on the other hand tend to taste, smell, hear, see colors, and feel textures more accurately and to a far higher degree of sensitivity than males and thus have been more impacted by the sense deprivation.  Interestingly  researchers debate the reason evolution afforded a much more active and complex sense system in females. Dr. Marcia Pelchat, PhD, a sensory scientist who studies taste and smell at the Monell Chemical Sciences Center in Philadelphia asserts that the differences are profound and served many evolutionary survival benefits and created a sensitive hyper vigilant sense system. Although not fully appreciated in the modern world, females have been most impacted by the relegation of mostly visual communications and interactions. In a very clear way her other senses have been starved by the technologies created by this 14 year technology experiment.

It is very easy to discount the sense starvation our technology has created, but we have just begun to see the breakdowns of human relationship with the natural bonds dissolving that have impacted all aspects of life and society. I am not asserting this is the only reason for this breakdown however it has contributed to in a way almost no technologists (male of female) have surfaced. Additionally very few social scientists notice the societal shift to visual even though it becomes obvious when just a cursory study is performed.

In part 1 of this series ( we explored how on June 29th, 2007 our world changed in a very significant way with the release of the Apple iPhone. We forever became “always-on” and always distracted to such a degree that we have a rewiring of the brain which has brought about many unintended addictions. We have constructed alter-egos, showdown selves and other facades to project and protect. Most of the world population now has a network connected, super computer in their pocket that each year deepens an addictive pattern. I called this a 14 year open societal experiment that thus far has had many trumpeted rewards that most of us dwell on as we deny there are equal risks that we have been blinded to.

Am I being a Luddite in these series of articles? No not in the least. I am facing the unnoticed and the unasked realities of the lives we have been directly or indirectly seduced into. We do this by the daylight exploration of where we are and who we are today. Identify the artifacts created by this new technology and discover if it is honestly serving us or a disservice. In the problems we discover we find solutions. For in every problem there is contained the seed of solutions ready to be planted. Know that every form of invention as art came about from the discovery of a problem and the path to the seeds of solutions.

We will explore in a Member-Only exclusive article the senses our new technology addictions have deprived and the rather shocking outcomes we will all face. It is the basis of what is, in every sense, an undeclared crisis brought about by these new technologies. To put it simply, this is a 14-year open societal experiment we call the smartphone has not only put pressure on every single relationship you have but also every element of society from business to politics to your personal relationships. If you are a member, thank you. To become a member, please click on the link below and join us.

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