The Mystery In The Utah Desert.

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4 thoughts on “The Mystery In The Utah Desert.

  1. Brian, I really appreciate your work and am grateful you share even a small amount with us. It is fascinating. Keep your chin up – keep bringing light to the dark.

  2. Brian, first thank you and sorry that you have been going through that.

    Second, would love an update here. What do you think about the Monolith disapeearing? How? What about the second one that popped up? This story doesn’t seem to be ending. The logistics of it are fascinating in their own rights.

  3. Brian,

    The information you share on this sort of stuff (I hate to categorize it, because it then gets labelled) is amazing. I’ve read a lot / most of what you’ve written on Quora and it’s all fascinating.

    I heard that more “stuff” has been discovered at Gobekli Tepe, and can’t wait until those discoveries are available.

    Stay safe.