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    Hi @Roxanne, I didn’t get the notification you replied to, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you more quickly. Your question is interesting as I was working on trying to build an Ikigai solution to inspire this drive, and your question lies within that.

    These were the responses based on a series of questions I was asked to help this.

    What you love:

    • Walking your dog and going on hikes.
    • Tinkering with software and technology.
    • Cooking.
    • Watching movies.
    • Listening to electronic music.

    What you are good at:

    • Solving complex technology needs.
    • Distilling problems into easy-to-understand concepts.
    • Web development, software engineering, and technology architecture.

    What the world needs:

    • More human connection and less digital interaction.
    • Genuine in-person conversations while using technology where it’s appropriate.

    What you can be paid for:

    • Consultancy in an agency.
    • Distilling real-world problems into tech solutions.


    • Using software to simplify processes in people’s lives.
    • Crowdsourcing options to enhance viewing experiences for movies and filmmakers.


    • Using technology to enrich lives and jobs.
    • Layering creative elements to produce visual social media content.
    • Simplifying processes using technology for more genuine human interaction.


    • Teaching and conducting workshops.
    • Demonstrating how tech can be a tool in people’s lives.
    • Building platforms or solutions that integrate human connection.


    • Teaching, especially using acting to demonstrate the human side of technology.
    • Creating platforms or tools that foster genuine human connections in movies and entertainment.

    I’ve attached some of the images too, that were generated that help give some visuals to this layout. Note this is just one response from this approach. I’ll also reply with another as a generalized summary of what I’ve done too. Then a follow-up to that expressing some more personal notes of the urgency here and how concerned I am, but also how utterly excited I am.

    said it well in his latest article

    ” You are in the right place and the right time for this historic shift emanating through our society. There are very few that know what you know now, even if you only just understand using just these three elements.”

    Now we just need to find the person or people that I can help make a meaningful difference for.

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