Apple Journal App, How It Is a Massive AI Initiative.

Apple Journal App, How It Is a Massive AI Initiative.

The Journal app in iOS 17 takes a new approach to capturing and preserving life’s memorable moments. Memories aren’t just the photos you take – they’re the experiences you have on your iPhone every day through directions, photos, and more.

The Journal app goes beyond simply writing entries. It uses on-device intelligence to suggest journal prompts based on your iPhone activity. Photos you’ve taken, places you’ve visited, and workouts you’ve logged all inform the app’s suggestions. Apple claims this curation is to aim to inspire writing that can foster improved mental health. But this is just a tip of an AI iceberg.

So how would this work? The Journal app analyzes your iPhone usage, much like the Photos app creates memories. When announcing the app, Apple showed how the iPhone will prompt you to journal about certain moments. Developers will also be able to contribute suggestions through an upcoming API.

Using on device machine learning, your iPhone can create personalized suggestions of moments to inspire your writing. Suggestions will be curated from information on your iPhone, like your photos, location, music workouts and more. Users control what to include when they enable suggestions and which ones they want to save to their journal.

You can schedule notifications for the start or end of your day to remind you to write and to tell you when new suggestions are available. Apple says Journal is designed to keep your entries private, with on device processing. Apple promises the Journal app will keep entries private through on-device processing and end-to-end encryption. It’s unclear how much storage space journaling will use though we suspect, like other apps, entries will sync to iCloud.

The Journal app is expected to launch with iOS 17 this fall. A public beta of iOS 17 should be available in July, giving us an early look.

Sounds simple enough, maybe just an odd offshoot of Apple great intentions on helping us to have a simple journal? Perhaps a proto-personal friends and family social media microblog platform?

I have some other ideas on how this little app will become a centerpiece of Apple’s future and it has just all the “soft-touch” aspects of what we have all come to know as Apple brilliance. The Journal App, it is not just a diary, it just may be one of Apple’s largest entries into AI.

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