The long cold winter ahead.

The Long Cold Winter Ahead.

The Convergence Of A Perfect Financial Storm.

The last half a decade has had no known comparison in modern history. Perhaps World War II may compare in some cosmetic ways and some psychological ways. In many ways we are in not just a “war” but many wars, some obvious and some obscured. Clouding recognition is Information Overload (that issue will be explored in a future article) and the binary polarization of every subject to the point that there can be no true rational explorations and discussions. We are all victims, and to a greater degree we are all “guilty”.

One of the wars all of us face is economic. This transcends all cultures and income levels. However, it is particularly most impactful to the middle income through the lowest income. The perfect storm economic, but it is based on three issues:

  • War
  • Inflation
  • Pandemic
  • Energy Collapse

The pandemic distorted the economy in a way that may take 50 years for some to fully understand, if ever. Inflation is a reality (this is obvious and not “political”), The collapse of the entire energy market during the pandemic start in 2020 has not fully recovered (not speaking of stock prices) from favored “renewables” to disfavored “old energy”. Some may argue just the inflation/energy collapse are tied together. This is true in one sense, but in a long term sense they have far different life paths. However, they do have to cross life paths often and count on each other. Finally, with war comes a spectacular amount of suffering, pain and confusion. The consequences of war means there will be economic constraints, and this has a massive impact on this perfect storm. This all adds up to a very long cold winter ahead.

In the member exclusive Read Multiplex article, I explored the Battery Agenda in December 2020 that was ahead, I presented how the “rare-earth” minerals would become a massive opportunity for just about anyone. And in 2022 some recommendations tripled and may go one to do far better.

Specimen of a Tweet on results of “rare-earth” investments.

Everything in our life is a form of energy. Life is energy. Work, of course, is energy. We flip on a light switch, and most of us forget the long chain of connections that illuminated the light. To most of us here, this may not be the case. A few generations have been through the educational systems and exit with less knowledge of the mechanics of life than the 1900s-1950s. Thus, it is easy to become susceptible to the pronouncements and ideas from the popular world. This situation has created an environment that is highly polarized and nearly impossible to have practical clarity. This article will not give clarity to this situation. I will not be addressing the very real philosophic issues humanity faces in this article. Know that I do deeply understand them, and there are no simple solutions.

This article will address something very real to your life at this moment. It is very real at this moment that everything is escalating in costs. It is very real that everything has been skewed by a pandemic. Furthermore, it is very real that energy costs will impact every life and every company, on top of the inflation.

This article and a few more I will write will be addressing your financial life, at this moment. This is not financial advice, I am not a licensed stockbroker, I do not recommend you invest in any particular stocks, and it is vitally important to know what gains took place in the past do not guarantee any gains in the future. It is best to assume I do own stocks I speak about. I strongly advise working with a trusted license professional and to only invest funds you absolutely can 100% lose.

The future ahead, in a very pragmatic sense, you are now paying a very large hidden tax on the rising prices of energy. Conserve, shift and do all you can to help change this. But what if you could gain back some of the money you are spending on the rise in energy costs? I have had a simple rule that has guided many of my investments: “If you use a product or service, invest in it if you can. Own the company”. I see this as a “Rebate System” where some of my purchases are rebated back to me as an “owner”. It is really this simple. So with energy, what can you do on a broad scale as it impacts all products and services?

On August 25th, 2022 I posted this Tweet. It of course was a free insight, much like the free insight I made in 2021 on Lithium. I feel strongly that this meets the idea of owning what services and products you use. The reason is simple, this Exchange Traded Fund (EFT), a basket of Energy Stocks and related dividends. The XLE EFT is not the only one in this class, there are more. However, this is a good start to research.

In this members only article, we will explore pragmatic things you can do today that can help you face what is ahead.This perfect storm and the long cold winter, as terrible as it will be to all the world, nothing I can write about will take away from how this will impact your life and the people you love. However, perhaps for the first time in many lives, you may be able to have a hedge to not only survive in the chaos ahead, but perhaps thrive. There will be a massive wealth transfer ahead that will impact everyone in the world, it is my hope this is one of the ways you can get something you will lose, back.If you are a member, thank you. To become a member, please click on the link below and join us.

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4 thoughts on “The long cold winter ahead.

  1. Great article, Brian. Agree with your thesis but curious on whether you see nuclear energy becoming a viable (and more politically popular) solution as the crisis unfolds? And if not, why?


    1. Mitch, thanks for asking. Indeed I do. I will be posting a few articles on this subject soon. From an investment aspect however, it is early even though there may be some opportuneies.

    2. I would gladly invest in nuclear energy.
      Buther there are Politicians who are making tons of money from green energy and/or gas pipelines with the power to wield paperwork like a weapon.
      (Think of a lawyer buried in crates of documents by the opposing counsil.)

      I’ve chatted with someone in the industry and they said that they have at least as many people working on regulatory requirements as they have workers doing actual work on the plant.

      But if there are countries that allow nuclear energy and maybe even small modular reactors to flourish I’ll be glad to know and bet on their success.