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    I am trying to get going on the Wisdom Project. I am old and not that techy. I made a notebook with the printed 1000 questions and got my little voice recorder. I have answered the first 100 questions. I have been successful pairing the question session with my daily bike ride. I have a nice shady place at the beach to sit and talk to myself. At this point I notice I’m feeling critical of my answers…they seem so wordy and NOT really containing enough interesting stories or recollections. So my goal for the next 100 questions is to try and breathe more Life into my responses. Is this information going to be useable by just stating the number of the question, reading the question and then responding? Ms. not-that-techy is using the recording number of the little recorder as corresponding to the same number in the “1000 Questions” Am I overconfining myself to stay to that rigid numbering system.? I would love to hear from Others,  on the Way this process is unfolding for them! Mahalo👋🏽❤️

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