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    1. Fostering self-awareness: How much time do I sit with my feelings before I make up a story about the reason for those feelings?  When I reflect on the story, do I consider all perspectives?  Do I respond with empathy for those perspectives?  Does this story bring me into connection or isolation with the other perspectives?  How can I improve my self-awareness as a result of this story?
    2. Cultivating wisdom: How does this new self-awareness impact my sense of Intuition? Can the new perspectives I considered above improve my understanding of other stories in new ways?  Does this give me any new insights, vision, or clarity of any present situations?
    3. Appreciating personal growth: Can I extract wisdom from new knowledge by asking “why” until the answer matches the two most important variables?  How can I apply this why to my values and pursuits of meaning and purpose to develop character?
    4. Identifying blind spots: What have I learned that surprised me?  What blind spot did this reveal?  Can I learn more about this area to improve?
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