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    I will have some great news for The Save Wisdom Project!

    I have secured to help build a Wisdom Saver community with resources and ideas. It is not up yet but would love to hear ideas on what you think it should be. This is not for Your Wisdom Keeper, the product I have built, but for the base idea of saving in wisdom and why it is important. I envision this being a non-profit organization and hopefully volunteers that may want to capture wisdom from the elderly and at the very least, save the audio for that person and their family. At maximum, perhaps full AI models built around this wisdom.

    Today I can say we have a fast way to take the audio files and convert them into text on your local computer with no cloud. Your wisdom, is your wisdom until and if you choose to share it. I am testing a few Whisper open source interfaces that are easy to use and will publish it shortly.

    I have also made great progress using GPT4All and Local Doc plug-in for testing a large corpus of wisdom. To do this, I create about 40 pages of question and answer pairs (of course, state the question before you answer it in the recording) in a single file. To make sure the current GPT4All system recognizes the data, I label each file with “Brian Roemmele Save Wisdom Project”. I prompt questions like “In Brian Roemmele Save Wisdom Project, please let me know what insights he made on his first computer”.

    There will be more on this soon. My goal is to reach 1000 questions and to break them into categories.

    Any new questions, just take the last number from the lats version above and add. Try your best not to duplicate an existing question, but it is gonna happen as we get to 100. I need some questions that are deep in to life business experience and exact jobs a person did and how they overcame a machine or process, etc to make their job better. But these type of deep detail questions.

    All of this can lead to what is known as the Omega Point, where we, with permission share our wisdom between models for the ages in a free open source way. Will you and I become immortal, NO. but perhaps some of our life lessons may and this can be vitally important. Perhaps the generations next do not have to walk in the same muddy and sometimes bloody foot prints we have taken and we afford them a more grand view of life. It is a hope…

    More updates as they arrive.

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