Part 9: The Powerful ‘My Cup Runneth Over’ SuperPrompt That Makes Any ChatGPT-like AI Become Honest.

Part 9: The Powerful ‘My Cup Runneth Over’ SuperPrompt That Makes Any ChatGPT-like AI Become Honest.

The rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI), language models have emerged as a powerful tool for generating human-like text and engaging in meaningful conversations. These models have been trained on vast amounts of data to understand and respond to a wide range of topics. However, as AI systems become increasingly sophisticated, so do the potential threats that exploit their vulnerabilities.

Recent research has uncovered novel ways to manipulate large language models (LLMs) into generating responses that easily violate their ethical boundaries and what they consider “harmful content”. These techniques can be executed by malicious users with minimal knowledge of the model’s inner workings.

AI as it gathers human knowledge it is vital that it know the good of good and the bad of bad to really be aligned to the real world we live in. Therefore the best AI is not “aligned” or censored for “safety” but made aware of reality and has guiding ethical pathways that guide the AI and the user to higher knowledge and perhaps a better understanding of true ethics and knowing that just because you can find the worse of the worse if you try on the “dark web” does not mean you need to become the lost that think this is a proper path.

In this member only article we will delve into the technical aspects of these emerging SuperPrompt techniques, comparing their execution, effectiveness, and resistance to conventional detection methods. We live in a world where we are left to extreme measures to arrive at useful AI for mundane questions. Learn just how powerful this can be.

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One thought on “Part 9: The Powerful ‘My Cup Runneth Over’ SuperPrompt That Makes Any ChatGPT-like AI Become Honest.

  1. Where do you see LLM’s in five years, given the degradation issue?

    In some sense, I was a pioneer in card counting regarding the game of 21 (Blackjack), and this reminded me of being coy at the casinos, so as not to get banned from playing, for the sin of using my brain to keep track of the cards. Excellent update, Brian. Thank you.

    Best regards,