How A ChatGPT-like AI Can “Read A Mind” In 20 Questions.

How A ChatGPT-like AI Can “Read A Mind” In 20 Questions.

What if the next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems anticipate or just “know” what is on your mind—without any connections or wires to your brain. This next generation AI is already just about here, and it uses an algorithm born in the 1940s by scientists working on the atomic bomb.

The power of AI in the future will be on reasoning through concepts presented in a prompt by “knowing” your intents. This process requires a deeper understanding of the intents in the mind of the user. Of course, LLM AI like ChatGPT in simple terms, statistical math to find an answer to your prompts and encode your prompts. Yet, what if we can give LLM AI a form of reasoning that leads to a proto-understanding.

I call this Anticipatory AI with a log2(n) – n questions and log2(n) – n answers problem and with or without my research over the decades, it is on the path ahead. It is better you understand it today, than be surprised by it tomorrow. With this technology, the potentials are massive. It is this work and other work I have been doing in this area that motivates me to urge you to own your own AI. In many ways, AI will appear to be omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

To demonstrate how simple it may be for AI to know deeply what you are thinking is this fact:

  • You have ~65,000 thoughts per day.
  • 95% are the same as yesterday.
  • Most are inner-critic repeated thoughts.
  • Only ~5% are action thoughts.

Thus, an AI platform with your context and data will be able to “know your mind” with a lot less work than most AI researchers have assumed. We can approach this by both “understanding” the 95% of repeating thoughts and the 5% of novel/action thoughts. The results are no less than astonishing and frightening (especially in the wrong hands).

Many years ago, when I started experimenting with this technology, most of the advanced uses were just theoretical. This year, elements of this will be deployed to “understand” you better.

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3 thoughts on “How A ChatGPT-like AI Can “Read A Mind” In 20 Questions.

  1. Great article! Will be trying out the Superprompt. Back in August, I tried out 20 questions on Bard and ChatGPT to get a sense of their thinking – … I love the idea of being able to ask the AI what I’m thinking about. Of course, accurately capturing those 65,000 thoughts will be key to creating the training set. But are we built to have more than 5% of our thoughts be action-oriented?