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    ol’ #24998

    Hit home, struck a chord, banged a beat.

    What can I say? I sorta get it.

    I feel an anchoring here but ‘critical’ mass has yet to be achieved.

    This needs more. That’s why I am on twits again soaking up the collective wisdom and listening for the ‘voices’ of the ‘muses’.

    Brian remains a waving flag in the desert, just over the next sand dune, but until you can keep up, you will only be seeing signposts exhorting you to catch up.

    I get the feeling you are on the path of mastery of a discipline I don’t seem to be able to follow. I am oriented differently in the words and the patterns they bring from the depths of possibilities.

    I’m here. Listening. Hearing? Sometimes.

    Great video clip. It lands in the pile of things I’d never see if someone didn’t drop it in front of me.

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