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    Johan, Thanks for the assist!  I added that to the prompt this morning, great idea.  Here are the choices of access inside the configurator, public isn’t enabled yet I changed this to Public (image below) to see if that changes behavior,

    I worked through my undergraduate in Economics as a critical care and emergency room RN, so my biases are focused on lowering barriers to entry in acquiring simple clinical information.  As you can imagine, when people face clinical challenges, general information about their condition is helpful, but far from sufficient.  We need that general information to be informed by who we are by age, gender, height, weight, BP and many more. Here is where the bulk of medical expenses are incurred. I’ve seen friends of mine at Church dealing with complex medical conditions and it’s like: “well here’s your diagnosis, now go to graduate school and learn about it”.  My LongevityGPT is just that without all the library time, or at least that’s the idea.

    Thanks again for the recommendation. This is an emergent technology, we couldn’t ask for a better time to be around. I’m 70 (geese that’s the first time I’ve typed that, kinda weird) with a biological age of 65 so I hope this Longevity stuff keeps me around so I can enjoy the end of the movie.

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