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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Leif Bjelland from Missoula, Montana.  I started a French bakery, Le Petit Outre,  in Missoula 25 years ago that changed our food scene.  It was a wonderful to start a business in a community that embraced concepts like 4 day work weeks and bread by bike.

    I stopped drinking alcohol over seven years ago and took my cycling passion to a new level with randonneuring and raced Paris Brest Paris in 2019.  I was looking to improve my recovery from ultra cycling and started Transcendental Meditation, which changed my physiology; lower heart rate and higher HRV during meditation, which also transferred to sleep.  Since then my journey has been mostly inward, finding all the tools that work to get us out of societies fear mindscape and grow our consciousness for an easier, better life. I have been really fortunate the past few years to find several masters to help my understanding of the true nature of reality.  I am interested in getting my own personal AI, as it seems there are plenty of people/governments in the world who work against the truth of every person’s ability to develop their own consciousness and quality of consciousness.  Consciousness is rising on Earth.  I am here to help get people get to their own Next Level with my company Transcend Today.✨⚡️🔑

    Hit me up if you have questions.

    Thank you,


    -Leif Bjelland aka Leif Beyond


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