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    Hi All,

    My name is Charlie Ifrah, and I am currently the founder and CEO of HAPPY APP, an AI wellness application rooted in the latest advances in artificial intelligence and brain science. Our goal with HAPPY is to empower individuals to take charge of their mental and emotional well-being using the most advanced technology available.

    But HAPPY is not my first foray into innovation and business. Before this, I had the privilege of founding and co-founding several companies that catalyzed transformative changes in their respective industries. Perhaps most notable was INTURN, a pioneering trading platform we established to aid enterprise brands like Nike and Unilever in streamlining the sale of their slow-moving and excess inventory. INTURN, acquired in August 2022, has been a landmark success and continues to serve and satisfy its many customers today.

    Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve realized that curiosity is a fundamental building block for success. It is the fuel that drives me to pursue knowledge and understanding. This curiosity manifests in various ways: a thirst for perpetual learning, a preference for non-fiction, a fascination with vintage mechanical devices, and an insatiable urge to travel and absorb new cultures.

    While I was born and raised in Toronto, a city that seeded my entrepreneurial aspirations, it was my subsequent decade in New York City that allowed these aspirations to bloom. Today, my wife and I reside in Miami Beach, with a part of the year spent back in Toronto, where our families live.

    But business is not my only passion. I am also a podcaster, an investor, and a filmmaker in my personal life. Each role allows me to feed my curiosity, learn more about the world, and connect with intriguing individuals from all walks of life.

    I firmly believe in the power of networking and building meaningful relationships. I look forward to exploring our shared interests and what we might learn from each other.


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