Identical Twins And Face ID, Seeing Double.


Fooling Face ID.

With Apple’s Face ID it is estimated that the accuracy of Face ID will be 1 in 1,000,000 when compared to the 1 in 50,000 of TouchID  fingerprints alone.  The TrueDepth camera uses 30,000 infrared dots harmlessly projected on to your face for depth mapping.  The Infrared camera reads back theses features and other below the skin unique characteristics to create a secure biometric image of your face.  The front side Flood Illuminator assists in creating normalized lighting for any condition, light or dark. This all means that Face ID is very, very accurate except for truly identical twins.

Truly identical twins with Face ID 1.0 will not be able to be differentiate between the two.  Called a false positive, this list to current ability of Face ID is present.  It may also be possible for a sibling that is looks almost exactly like you to have some minor success in tricking Face ID. This will all change, in the future there will be an software upgrade to make a better discernment. RealFace, the company that Apple acquired has been working on this issue before they were acquired and continue to work on this issue. The priority was to get masks and pictures to be disregarded. The electronics already have the ability, the need is to build a bigger neural network. I think in the next 12 months.

It is rare for identical twins to have the same fingerprint so in this very rare case, TouchID is better.  So if you are an identical twin and want to lock things down, get an iPhone 8.




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