Issue 7 Of Multiplex Magazine: Motivation And Hierarchy


We All Have A Hierarchy.

Issue 7 of Multiplex Magazine is available: “Motivation And Hierarchy ”.  In this issue we explore the PSM protocol.  This is one in a series of Voice First AI protocols we have presented in the last few issues.  Each protocol allows for higher orders of magnitude more deeper human context.  It is the human context that solves all of the “uncanny valley” pronouncements, not “big data”.  The PSM protocol establishes a foundation to understand how humans interact and operate.

We have ~60,000 thoughts per day.  We are literally constantly in a thought.  This may seem to be an absudly high number of thoughts and this is just a low average.  The interesting part is nearly 95% of the thoughts you had today, are the thoughts you had yesterday.  This means that once the baseline daily thoughts are normalized (most are not action thoughts) we are left with the ~5% that may be acted upon.

The PSM protocol establishes how we can use new AI, to classify the types of thoughts humans have and focus on the the ones that are most likely to be a part of a Voice First interaction.  I have worked on the PSM protocol for over two decades and is one of my oldest.  Although simple in concept, it is powerful in scope.  This is the first public presentation of the PSM protocol and I am certain you will find it fascinating.





Rounding in at over 57,000 words and over 68 pages, this is the issue you do not want to miss. I conclude each issue of Multiplex Magazine with The Executive Action plan. This helps galvanize the opportunities ahead if action is taken soon.

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