What Are Apple Shared Experiences And Why Is It Important?

On October 29th, 2020 Apple applied for a patent continuation called “Electronic Device With Coordinated Camera and Display Operation” this was extended new features from a granted patent of the same name, granted on August 18th, 2020. With Apple prior art that spans back to 2013. Although a granted patent or a patent application is not a guarantee there will be a product or embodiments in a product, I have been tracking Apple patents since the 1970s and have a good feel for what becomes products. In the case of this patent, Apple has invested a tremendous amount of time in what I am calling Apple Shared Experience patents (no it is not likely Apple will call it this and if they do, thank you).

Apple Shared Experiences will form a new way to see just about any content, live or recorded video, images, text, live performances and other experiences, events, tours, etc. This will from what I see as a new social network, most certainly like the social network Apple Messages and the actual old phone call does but perhaps a wider, on-demand social network.

This will be a critical part of Apple Visor, the AR/MR/VR platform Apple is building based on Voice First interfaces but it will also be on iOS devices and perhaps Apple Computers.

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