Entropy Events And How Money Works For You, Or You Will Be Working For Money.

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I am not an investment advisor. I have no degrees. I am just some guy. I have shared ideas with my retainer clients I have about how stocks can move using a number of AI technologies I have developed in my garage lab. I also sometimes take my own advice.

Today October 26th, 2020 the Dow Jones Industrial Averages slid by ~650 points. You will no doubt hear the “reasons” and they may or may not be accurate. This is what I call an entropy event and I can represent an opportunity. Entropy events can be predicted with rather high accuracy but the issue is what part of society will react to the increase in entropy. We can surmise perhaps only well after the fact in some cases. In other cases you can see it in real-time. The entropy event can be from polotics, finance, health or even natural disasters or other categories. In some cases it can be so pervasive that it impacts everything.

Today was an entropy event I predicted in January, 2020 that I shared with long term retainer clients. Although I could not be certain it would be in the stock market, I suspected because it was October (for many reasons) and an election year and earning would be out that week it would be financial.

Today for the first time I will help Read Multiplex members understand how through history how it is moments like this that literally created dynasties. Again I am not an investment advisor but I feel compelled to share this with folks that want to see this.

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4 thoughts on “Entropy Events And How Money Works For You, Or You Will Be Working For Money.

  1. 3 months too late as I just crossed the paywall, but those were very good picks Brian. Hoping you will give us the nod on the next [financial] entropy event, us crazy people willing to put some pocket change at work/risk.