The New Apple AirTag Patent.

The Apple AirTag may be one of the most leaked and speculated products in recent history from Apple. Today October 22, 2020 the US Patent Office published a new patent application called:


I have been studying and writing detailed reports on patents for over 3 decades and in particular understanding Apple patents. This new Apple patent is one of the most interesting and wide ranging in recent history.

What the heck is this embodiment all about?

We will explore some of the patent, the impacts and the opportunities below as a Member-Only insight.

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3 thoughts on “The New Apple AirTag Patent.

  1. Hi Brian, this technology is the equivalent an expensive piece of equipment in my office. Measuring devotions in dynamic posture is a bullet proof (objective and reproducible) way to demonstrate disc pathology in post MVA patients suffering permanent disc derangement. Continual monitoring would forewarn the wearer of an imminent back episode before debilitating pain and new damage is incurred. Remarkable.

  2. Wonderful insights and I fully agree. As we know just about everything comes back to the spine. I just hope we get more understanding of this in the future.