“Alexa, ask Multiplex for the latest news”

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The Multiplex Alexa Skill Is Here

We are very proud to announce a new way to access the headlines at Read Multiplex: The Multiplex Alexa Skill.  Designed and developed by the amazing folks at Witlingo lead by one of the very early trailblazers and former Alexa technical leader, Ahmed Bouzid.  Ahmed ’s leadership in Voice First is distinguished by a focus on the human factors captured in the landmark book Don’t Make Me Tap.  It is quite an honor to be a part of Ahmed’s work.

To activate the Multiplex Skill:

Click this link and click Activate:

Multiplex Skill

To use:

“Alexa, ask Multiplex for the latest news”

If you want to read more just say “text it”.


Please let us know what you think of this new Skill. Over the next few months we expect some very new an unique ways to expand upon the what we have developed.  Stay tuned, tune into the Multiplex Skill.





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