Issue Number 6 Of Multiplex Magazine: The Rise Of AU


The Next Voice First Revolution Will Be In Artificial Understanding.

Humans are not looking for another question and answer system based on how we all have grown around Google web searches. Humans have and always will be looking for high order dialogues. The “facts” we are looking for are usually only based on our Eigernwelt story, our paradigms with respect to how our personalities have been constructed by our “teachers” or our paradigms.  Artificial Understanding (AU) is the next step for how we interact with computers.

AI researchers have painted themselves in a corner by delivering “facts” and Wikipedia-like results. Nearly 99% of us visit Wikipedia for either trivia, entertainment or the need to present a supporting fact in our life or work. Yet this is the last thing most humans are looking for in their dialogues throughout the day.  As preposterous  as it sounds, the fact is, humans are not usually seeking a “fact” but a much more significant, they are seeking knowledge, insight and wisdom.



The concepts around AU forms a radical new way to for computers to understand humans. Humans do not see the world in a binary form, they see it in an analog form.  This spectrum of understanding forms a paradigm for us and it is radically different from the binary world of AI today.  I have created the BHDN protocol as a way to model how computers can understand humans better.

What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning”—Werner Heisenberg

I do not suggest that the BHDN protocol alone produces insight and wisdom humans are seeking. However I do suggest that it allows us to get closer to the knowledge that humans generally seek with a path to insight and wisdom. It seems absurd to state that humans are not really looking for facts, but our own brain is not concerned with facts but the concepts of the fact, the story of the fact, the pattern of the fact.  The brain creates perhaps 1 million times more exformation, discarded information than the information that is sent to our conscious mind. This process is partly a search for a pattern. The facts, that being the exact details are wuzzy over time, what sustains is a pattern or and existential story that confirms or disconfirms our Eigernwelt paradigm.

In this issue of Multiplex Magazine I explore, ultimately, how we are on the precipice on a new understanding revolution, where AI is using AU to become the ultimate interface.  For it has been the mission of the computer and human from the start to have better understanding.  Along the way we will examine impact to humans and the massive opportunities to startups and legacy companies the herald in this new age.


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