Why Faces Are More Important Than Screens In The Voice First Future.

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Here’s To Looking At You.

“In the heat of a moment, why do you demand that a significant other to “look at me” when you are trying to express something? What do you want them to see and what is it you are looking for?”—Brian Roemmele, 1989

Why faces are more important than screens. Humans are fine tuned to read the nuanced movements and micro movements in the 43 muscles in the human face. From the first light that enters into our eyes, we seek out the direction of our Mother’s voice. We transfix on the face and with-in days of being able to recognize our Mother’s we start to decode emotional intents. It was not too long ago that our technology removed us away from the hard-wired tools of emotional intent extraction.

Over the next 10 years and on the arc of the next 25 years, the human face and the emotional intents we express will become paramount. Our computers keyboards and mice and gestures on a glass screen will give way to human-like interactions that are rich and deep. This will not only be functional, but will give us a sense of connection to data as it becomes knowledge via our machine learning AI systems that I call a true personal assistant.

This is not to replace humans, and perhaps for some it may to some extent, it is to fulfill upon the promise the computer revolution started over 60 years ago.  Artificial Intelligence both in digital form and the newer Analog quantum computer form will help bring this about.  The promise of the computer revolution was truly cybernetics in the Norbert Wiener definition. True Cybernetics are about solving real problems and the Voice First revolution is will bring us much further than keyboards, mice and gestures on a screen.

While Virtual Reality and Augmented reality have a place in the future, real reality mediated by these new Voice First modalities will ultimately dominate.



Sophia is the invention of Dr. David Hanson and he has created one of the visions of the Voice First future.

In the next issue of Multiplex Magazine we explore affective competing and how emotional intent extraction and emotional intent presentment will become fundamentally important, far sooner than most think.  We will present a detailed and sober view of how the next few years will unfold using the vast array of new emotional intent extraction and presentment AI and ideas.



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