Meet Echo “View” A New Voice First Amazon Echo Device, Coming Soon.

The Rise Of The New Voice Commerce.

Those that have followed me on Quora know I have presented that many Voice First devices will have screens or situational image and video presentation systems. It is Voice First not Voice Only. Amazon will lead the major platform expansion soon with a device I am call in Echo “View” (not at all the real name).  Above is a rendering of this system from @evleaks.  All I can say at this point is this is close to the concept.

Get ready for a rapid expansion to the Voice First revolution. The price point for this device will shock many and it will be partly subsidized by the high likelihood of Amazon Prime purchase volume increases.  This will usher in a new expansion of Voice Commerce.  Payment Companies that have not studied how Voice Commerce will completely change online and retail payments will begin to see how they will be sidestepped with Echo “View” + Amazon Payments.  If you are in payments and are not talking to me and are “iterating” to Voice Commerce, by the time you get there it will be far too late.

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