Apple Patent: Wireless Charging.


Get Ready For An iPhone With Wireless Charging

There is a 100% certainty that the next new iPhone model has wireless charging. Meet the Apple Store charging table patent [1].  This patent is part of a pair [2] of newly announced patents that were just released by the USPTO.

Here is the abstract:

A wireless charging system including a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is formed of a coil of wire that includes a first loop portion, a second loop portion, and a crossing portion. The crossing portion electrically couples the first loop portion and the second loop portion such that when current is generated in the coil, electrical current flows through the first loop portion in a different rotational direction than in the second loop portion. The receiver is formed of a ferromagnetic core and multiple (e.g., three) coils disposed about the ferromagnetic core. Each coil may be disposed about a different axis of the core such that current may be induced in at least one of the coils by a magnetic field in any direction.



This is an inductive loop charging system.  The system technology in and of itself is not new.  However the implementation is new for Apple. Inductive charging had the first introduction by Apple in the Apple Watch.

This new patent shows that Apple will be moving to a completely wireless experience soon.  One  that may produce an optical data transfer system I will talk more about in 2017.







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